Actual Builder Sdn Bhd
G-03, Blok C,
Jalan Jelatang 2,
Taman Cahaya Kota Puteri,
81750 Masai,
Johor, Malaysia.
Melaka Branch
18, 18-1, Jalan Seri Buana 3,
Taman Tangga Batu Perdana,
Tanjung Keling,
76400 Melaka, Malaysia.

Manpower Supply

It is no secret that the oil and gas (O&G) sector is in dire need of skilled workers to meet the rising demand for energy. The growing emphasis on meeting the labour needs of the industry has pave the way for Actual Builder to fill the gap for skilled labour with a certified talent pool to meet labour demands in the O&G sector.


General Worker




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